Staff Directory


Rev. Mike McGuire

Senior Pastor
E-mail Pastor Mike
Pastor Mike’s Bio



Kerrie Ollenburger

Director of Family Ministries
E-mail Kerrie
Kerrie’s Bio



Randy Doerksen

Coordinator of Adult &
Youth Music Ministries
E-mail Randy
Randy’s Bio



Valli Dawn Booe

Coordinator of Children’s Ministries
E-mail Valli Dawn
Valli Dawn’s Bio



Tonya Deal

Director of Educational & Child Care Ministries
E-mail Tonya
Tonya’s Bio



Kelly Martinez

Director of Trinity’s Treasures
After School Program
E-mail Kelly
Kelly’s Bio



Kyle Belshe

Building Superintendent
Kyle’s Bio




Rev. Dr. Kim Biery

Associate Pastor
E-mail Pastor Kim
Kim’s Bio



Faye Summervill

Church Administrator
E-mail Faye
Faye’s Bio



Lori Henks

Coordinator of Children’s
Music Ministries
E-mail Lori
Lori’s Bio



Linda Mann

E-mail Linda
Linda’s Bio



Sara Goerl

Coordinator of Youth Ministries
E-Mail Sara
Sara’s Bio



Lora Hardacre

Administrative Secretary
E-Mail Lora
Lora’s Bio



Denise Hockett

E-Mail Denise
Denise’s Bio




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