Staff Directory


Rev. Lennie Maxwell

Lead Pastor
E-mail Pastor Lennie
Pastor Lennie’s Bio



Kerrie Ollenburger

Director of Family Ministries
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Kerrie’s Bio



Randy Doerksen

Coordinator of Adult &
Youth Music Ministries
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Randy’s Bio



Tonya Deal

Director of Educational & Child Care Ministries
E-mail Tonya
Tonya’s Bio



Kelly Martinez

Director of Trinity’s Treasures
After School Program
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Kelly’s Bio



Barb Nickels

Parish Visitor
E-mail Barb
Barb’s Bio



Kyle Belshe

Building Superintendent
Kyle’s Bio



Rev. Dr. Kim Biery

E-mail Pastor Kim
Kim’s Bio



Faye Summervill

Church Administrator
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Faye’s Bio



Lori Henks

Coordinator of Children’s
Music Ministries
E-mail Lori
Lori’s Bio



Sara Goerl

Coordinator of Youth Ministries
E-Mail Sara
Sara’s Bio



Kris Oldham

Coordinator of Children’s Ministries
E-Mail Kris
Kris’s Bio



Deb Haag

Administrative Secretary
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Deb’s Bio



Denise Hockett

E-Mail Denise
Denise’s Bio






2 Comments on “Staff Directory

  1. Hello My Name is Sean Dionne and I Have $94.00 I owe to the courthouse and I was just wondering if I could do some Community Service at your Church to help pay it off. The courthouse here in Hutchinson will except 19 hours of community service instead of having to pay the Fine and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to Serve. Thank You Again.

    Sean Dionne.


  2. Hi, Sean!
    I’m so sorry – we don’t have anything you can do for community service here at Trinity at this point. We’re pretty well caught up. I do, however, have several items that I believe belong to you that we have gathered up from the area with the round tables. Feel free to stop by the main church office sometime between 8am and 5pm and I will be happy to return them to you.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Faye Summervill,
    Church Administrator


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