Memorial Garden and Columbarium

In the spring of 2018, the first wall of our columbarium was built. Located in the beautiful memorial garden area of our Main Street courtyard, this space offers a peaceful place for the cremains of Trinity church family members who have gone before us. Of the sixty available niches, there remains only two that have not been sold or reserved.

It’s time to begin the process of offering niches in the second wall. This wall will be located on the south side of the memorial garden and will offer eighty niches. What better place to be laid to rest than in the arms of your church? If you would like to discuss the purchase of niches, contact Faye Summervill, Church Administrator, in the church office.

You can also purchase an engraved memorial brick to honor a loved one, friend, family member, or yourself. These engraved bricks make up the outer level of blond bricks in the garden. Bricks are $100.00 each. Click here for an order form.

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