meet our staff

Rev. Michael Tomson-DeGreeff

Senior Pastor

All about Pastor Michael

Rev. Dr. Kim Biery

Associate Pastor

All about Pastor Kim

Faye Summervill

Church Administrator

All about Faye

Kerrie Ollenburger

Director of Family Ministries

All about Kerrie

Randy Doerksen

Coordinator of Music Ministries

All about Randy

Lori Henks

Coordinator of Children’s Music Ministries/Pianist

All about Lori

Kris Oldham

Coordinator of Children’s Ministries

All about Kris

Sara Goerl

Coordinator of Youth Ministries

All about Sara

Barb Nickels

Parish Visitor

All about Barb

Tonya Deal

Director of Childcare & Educational Ministries

All about Tonya

Kelly Martinez

Director of After School Program

All about Kelly

Rochelle Yoder

Communications Coordinator

All about Rochelle

Denise Hockett

Office Secretary

All about Denise

Deana Riney

Office Secretary

All about Deana

Kyle Belshe

Building Superintendent

All about Kyle

Marla McKee

Director of Circles of Hope Reno County

All about Marla

Nikkee Byard

Director of Salthawk Community Support

All about Nikkee

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