Missions & Outreach

We are dedicated to serving our community and our world through a variety of outreach and mission efforts!

Locally we are involved in:
Soup Kitchen
Bread Ministry
Circles of Hope-Reno County
Fair Priced Clothing Store
Matthew 25: Salthawks 
United Way Community Work Days
Reno County VOAD (Volunteers Active in Disasters)
Salthawk Community Support








Globally we are committed to:
Our Chabadza Partnership

“Chabadza” is the name of the partnership program that units the Great Plains United Methodist Church Annual Conference with the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference in Africa.  Our church is “partnered” with St. James UMC in Dangamvura Zimbabwe Africa.   Our churches stay in touch through electronic communications, prayer and other various ways of supporting one another.

We recently sent a box to St. James UMC containing special items representing our church so they could get to know us a bit better.   In return, we received a wonderful letter of appreciation and news!   Click here to read it.

Promoting Peace –
Every year, Trinity provides a meeting place and funding for the Ulster Project as protestant and Catholic teens from Hutchinson host protestant and Catholic teens from Ireland in an effort to improve relationships.   







If you are a hands-on helping kind of person, contact Rev. Kim Biery to inquire where you can best put your efforts to work. Pastor Kim can be reached at the church office or by email at revkjbiery@sbcglobal.net




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