What Is Circles?

What is Circles?

circlesboldCircles of Hope-Reno County is not a program or project. Circles is a community initiative to assist families with limited resources (i.e. families in poverty) to better their circumstances. We call it an initiative because this is a long term solution to a long term problem. It will take decades of dedicated time and resources; however the change in our community will be profound, lasting, and worth all the efforts and resources spent.

Where did Circles Come From?

Where did it come from? A group of local individuals spearheaded have this effort over the past 4+ years. A small contingent of members from Trinity United Methodist Church attended a “Faith Transforming Communities” workshop presented at the Kansas Leadership center. They returned to Hutchinson energized and determined to “transform” our community. Through months of discussion and research, this group invited others, including key members of several non-profit agencies and organizations to participate in the discussions. From that, Circles was born.

Ways to Help

Representatives from Circles of Hope-Reno County have been out in the community actively promoting this initiative and inviting participation in a variety of ways, so you may have heard about our group through civic groups or your own church.  Circles offers many opportunities for volunteering . You can become an Ally, sponsor a Circle Leader through the 15 week course, gather your civic group and prepare one of the weekly meals, or make a cash or in-kind donation, such as paper plates and table service for a meal. Later on, as our Circle Leaders develop their goals, we need a myriad of other resources. Possibilities include: auto mechanics or auto body technicians to repair good used cars, legal aid to assist a Circle Leader with child custody or securing a driver’s license, Human Resources to assist in developing employment interviewing and job searching skills, medical assistance or devices to help family members of the Circle Leaders, or home repairs for a Circle Leader’s family. The resources needed are based upon the specific goals set by each Circle Leader for his or her family’s successful journey.

For questions or more information about how you can be a part of this amazing effort, contact Marla McKee, Circles Director, at (620) 669-7569 or mckeemarla1@gmail.com


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