Sunday School

Sunday School PicWe offer a wide variety of classes during our Sunday School time every Sunday at 9:45am. Any and all of these classes would be happy to welcome you into their midst! Feel free to visit several of these groups and choose the one that’s right for you!

CHAOS (Christians Having An Outstanding Study)

This newly formed class is an all-inclusive, loosely organized group that gathers for discussion and community.  Our study typically involves topics related to living a Christian life in today’s world, using DVD series as a guide.   As many of our members have children, ranging from young school children to college age, we take a break from organized study over the summer months and, instead, have coffee and conversation for those who are able to attend.  Our class is perfect for those who wish to attend a class occasionally, but whose life makes regular attendance hard.  Come and join us!


This is a group of all ages, married and single, who want to spend time with God’s word and is interested in exploring what it means to us today. A variety of materials are used to guide in this process.


Most class members have children who are young adults. Their studies vary from contemporary religious problems, to Bible studies, to discussion of pertinent books.


This class was organized in 1970. The members of this class explore theology and current issues. Children of class members range from middle school through young adults. Both singles and married couples attend this discussion-oriented class.


Most members of this class have adult children. Various teachers lead the class in Bible studies and exploration of social and personal issues as they relate to the Scriptures. Class activities include a class auction, social events and assisting with the church pancake supper. We are a large class, usually with 60+ in attendance, but we have plenty of room for more. Members meet occasionally in small groups for lunch or dinner to get to know one another. Small groups change periodically.


The D.U.O. Class was organized in 1951. The name stands for “Do Unto Others”. This has been the motto of our class through the years. The Bible is the primary focus of our study led by a different teacher each week. Our class usually averages 30 in attendance and 75+ in age level and is made up of both couples and singles. Christmas parties, ice cream socials, and class picnics help us know one another better. Many Wesley Towers residents come to our class – transportation on our wheelchair accessible van is provided.


This class is composed of career adults, singles and married couples. Many class members share a common interest in their high school and college-aged children and their work, exploring faith at home and work. The annual pancake supper is a project of this class.


Members have diverse interests and backgrounds and meet for prayers and support as well as study. We are always looking for new members with new ideas.

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