SCS at HMS8!

Salthawk Community Support is expanding!

We’re only in our second year of partnering with other churches and civic organizations to fund the SCS program at Hutchinson High School and we are already seeing the need to expand!  The SCS program currently funds two on-site staff persons who provide crisis intervention, social and emotional support, behavior intervention, and academic support for the HHS students.   In addition, we offer mentoring and tutoring as well as meeting immediate needs such as clothing, shoes, hygiene items, and lunch funds for  students.  We present programs that provide tools for better financial management, social skills, self-respect and respect for others.   Thanks to the amazing support of our church and our community, it’s working! 

Now, it is time to create the same program at the 8th Grade Middle School.   By expanding Salthawk Community Support to HMS8, we can meet the same kinds of needs and prepare the kids to enter high school, already equipped with tools to make the transition a successful one.   Financial gifts are needed as well as the gift of your time.

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