Are You Ready?

Trinity is about to launch an exciting new online survey tool called The Readiness 360, which will help our church understand how ready we are to take bold steps forward in mission and ministry.   WE NEED YOUR HELP.  WE VALUE YOUR ANSWERS. WE WANT YOU IN THE CONVERSATION!

Readiness 360 measures readiness in four key areas that are found in churches that multiply their ministry steadily and rapidly:

o Spiritual Intensity

o Missional Alignment

o Dynamic Relationships

o Cultural Openness

Readiness 360 is a process that invites everyone to participate – everyone in Trinity can share their voice! The more voices shared, the greater the trust and the results.

Readiness 360 creates easy-to-digest reports which will summarize and distill the most important information gleaned from the survey, including:

o Measures of readiness in each of the four multiplication driver areas

o Perception gaps between various types of participants in our congregation based on age, length of time at our church and role.

o Leadership tips for Trinity, in light of the strengths and challenges revealed

Readiness 360 will be the basis for smart planning to move Trinity toward a more nimble, ready-to-go stance, so that we can launch some amazing new ministry endeavors in the coming years.

Look for more information to come about how to participate in this survey from March 27 to April 10.   It is easiest if we have your current and accurate E-mail address, so please check with the office to make certain we can get this information to you.

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