A message from our Lead Pastor

Most of you, by now, have probably read something about the United Methodist Church General Conference in St. Louis to discuss our differences in understanding of human sexuality.   I have been silent for many reasons:

First, there is much to process.  It is not as simple as the media wants to portray.  What passed has many parts and is not as simple as continuing as we were or increasing our exclusion of LGBTQ people.  The Traditional Plan that passed by a slim margin has already been largely ruled to be “unconstitutional”, meaning it is not allowed within the guidelines already established by our Book of Discipline.     As one scholar observed, it is anything but traditional. The decision that was finally made did not represent the majority of United Methodists in the U.S. and makes our task of loving all persons more difficult.

Secondly, I am having lots of conversations with clergy colleagues, staff, and leaders of Trinity as we are trying to understand where we go from here.  It is unclear what the future holds, but one thing we are committed to is that Trinity remains the same – we are your church family.  We will worship together, grow in love together, and live out the grace of Jesus Christ who calls us to love all people.

Finally, I am hurting as are many others in our church family.  I knew this was going to be a difficult three days but had hoped beyond hope that the focus of the time spent in St. Louis would be how we can be a Church where all people – left, right and center – can be united and move forward in building the Kingdom of God.   Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.   The conversations were contentious, painful and cruel.  This experience has shaken my faith in the denomination to which I have devoted my life. 

What can I say but to remain calm.  Know that God is still leading, caring for and loving us.  So, join me in praying harder for the church and for our leaders.  And remember that “Christ is our peace.” (Eph 2:14a)

At noon on Sunday, March 3rd, we invite all Hutchinson Trinity United Methodist Church family interested in talking about the recent General Conference decisions to gather in the Warner Wing for dialogue

Pastor Lennie Maxwell, Lead Pastor
Trinity United Methodist Church
Hutchinson, KS

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