Sometimes doing ministry seems frightening.  It would be better if someone else did it.   Yet the truth is that God hears when his children cry out and He calls you and I to be His instruments of justice and mercy.

Through the month of November we will explore the life of Moses together and see if we can find inspiration to be the best disciples God wants us to be.  Moses didn’t believe he could lead, yet God assured him that it is not the greatest in earthly standards that God usually uses.   But God takes the least of each of us and by His power makes us great.

Join us for worship and learn that by sharing the responsibilities of ministry we can be an agent of hope for the world today.

November 4:  “Cries of the Oppressed”
November 11:  “Overcoming Doubt”
November 18:  “God Equips the Called”
November 25:  “Burden of Leadership”

Worship schedule:
8:45 am – sanctuary (traditional worship)
10:45 am – Warner Wing (contemporary praise)
11:00 am – sanctuary (traditional worship)

If you miss out on a Sunday, you can listen to the sermon by going to our “Recent Sermons” page.

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