Bible Fund

Do you know that we provide God’s Word to our young people four times during their faith journey?  Our children and youth receive Bibles when they are in Kindergarten, 3rd Grade, 7th Grade (during Confirmation) and again when they are Seniors in High School.  What a blessing and a legacy!  Thanks to the generosity of Trinity’s congregation, we have been able to provide these Bibles for several years.   Those funds are now depleted and it’s time to build them up again so we can purchase Bibles for our kids and youth this year.  The cost of each Bible varies, but is approximately $15 for the Kindergarten and Senior Bibles and $25 for the 3rd Grade and Confirmation Bibles.

On October 15th we be taking a special offering for this very purpose.  Your contributions will help us continue this tradition of providing Bibles to our young disciples.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!   Questions?  Contact Kerrie Ollenburger, Director of Family Ministries.

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