NOVEMBER 4, 2017

Do you know that a monetary gift of only $65.00 will provide 216 meals to a starving person?   What a small investment for such a life-giving effort!!

On November 4th, we will be very busy here at Trinity!  We will be working with volunteers from other local churches to box up food supplies to help people all over the world.    This what NUMANA is all about – working together to feed the hungry.  Check out this informational video for just a glimpse into how it all works.

Call the church office (620) 665-5547 or email Rev. Kim Biery at  to find out how you can sign up to help with the packaging on November 4th.   In the meantime, consider making a donation of $65.00 (or more) to help fund this important effort.   Our goal is to provide funding for 100 boxes of food.   You can donate online by clicking here.

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